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If you have a problem please read through the below common questions and solutions. If you still need help please phone or email, we're happy to help.

What are your postage charges?
Postage is FREE for all orders including international orders (International orders of £4 or lower will be sent by surface mail, not Airmal).

Are your products StrongARM compatible?
Yes, most CDs work with no problems. The Symphony CD requires a small patch (see below), the old version of the Font Emporium also requires a patch, but the current versions we supply are both OK.

Some other CD's contain very small amounts of non-StrongARM shareware which is placed in clearly labeled directories.

What about RISCOS4?
We have no reports of problems, all the major programs have been tested fully.

What is EASY CLIP on your CDs?
Easy Clip is a thumbnail filer. Put simply it shows you lots of small 'thumbnail' size versions of much bigger files, the point is it allows you to see what is available very quickly.

Why can't I add clips to EASY CLIP on your CD's?
We use a special version of Easy Clip on some of our discs. It is not the full commercial product merely a read only demo which we feel allows you to quickly find the graphic files you want from one of our CDs.

How does your special version of Easy Clip work?
You can download the instructions here.

I have the Original Clipart Collection CD (10,000 drawfiles). Easy Clip is slow in showing me what's on the CD. Why? Can I make it go faster?
This problem is only with the Original Clipart Collection. If your CD is greater than X8 and IDE the problem is minimal.... The Acorn CDFS system seeks for every file on a CD. So even though a dozen thumbnails images are fairly small files they take time to load because easy file is 'seeked' for. Unfortunately when we produced our first Clipart CD we didn't realize there was a problem until it was too late, at the time CD technology was new and expensive, so we were unable to make a correction.

The easy solution is to upgrade to the BIG CLIPART CD, which uses CoreFS and your harddrive (optional) to dramatically increase the display speed. It's very fast.

I have the Clipart Collection CD (10,000 drawfiles), how do I stop the error when I extract clips?
Again this problem only occurs with the first Clipart collection. You need to make sure you have a directory called EASYCLIP in you ScrapDirs directory inside !Scrap. A simple way of doing this is to press [F12] and type *CDIR <Wimp$ScrapDir>.EASYCLIP [ENTER]

How can I get the Font Emporium selector load, I have StrongARM?

You either do a *CACHE OFF, load program then *CACHE ON which is the quick solution. Or you can download this patch which you run from your harddisc each time you run the program. packdir-version zip-version

How does the Font Emporium selector work?
You can download the instructions here. Or download a simple version of the program to try, with some free fonts, from the Font Emporium Download page.

How do I play Digital Symphony Music with StrongARM?
You can download a new player here. packdir-version zip-version

What is PackDir?

PackDir 2.04 (4 April 1997), 85k, self-extracting archive

PackDir is an *extremely* fast file archiver. It can take a set of files and put them all together in a single archive file. It can also perform the reverse process, i.e. it can exactly recreate the original set of files from the archive file. To make archive files as small as possible, PackDir can perform lossless compression on file data, which reduces the archive's size typically to about 50% (or even much less, depending on the nature of the file data).

After downloading this file, set its filetype to 'Absolute' (&FF8) and *Run it. !PackDir will then be extracted to the current directory.

PackDir is Freeware.

Can I contact you on the phone?
Currently the office is open from 10am till 6pm; please telephone 0121 358 7788. However due to the nature of our current line of work sometimes you will not be able to get hold of anyone, if this is the case please email. Please also note that not everybody in our office has Acorn experience, so they may not be able to help you (but will try).

What will be on your next CD?
Our last CD published was the BIG Font Emporium, we no major products planned.

My question wasn't answered in this FAQ?

No worries please email your question. We're also grateful for comments about our products and the website.

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