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Each of the files on the CD is 2Mb in size. They won't compress much, unless a lossy compression format such as JPEG is used. Lossy means that the image is actually changed, and as a result the quality is damaged. You'll notice this at high magnificatoin or when the images are printed.

So you can appricate the quality of the images on the CD, we've provided three samples for you to download. Just click on the thumbnail below of the image you want to try out.

To increase download speed slightly we've compressed the files using Acorn !Squash. Once you've downloaded the files, simply filetype them to 'Squash'/&FCA, and then click to decompress. Download size is about 1.5Mb each.

Buy a BIG CD (fonts or clipart) and get all our other CDs together for just 5.
So you'll get the other Big CD, Mega Applications, Mega Fun & Games, Symphony Masterpieces, The Photo Album, Super Graphix CD, Super Audio CD, Super Demos CD and Super Movies CD. These nine CD's normally cost 55 but can be yours for just 5.

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