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All decent shareware application on the one CD

This CD is the best, most complete utility CD for Acorn machines. It blows other shareware compilations out of the water. If it's PD or shareware it's on the CD. But only if it works and it's StrongARM checked. This CD will save you days of downloading. All of the software has been sorted into logical directories, ie 'databases' or 'program tools'.

Part of the Mega CD range. These CDs contain mainly Shareware. Both collections are fully Strong ARM checked. Unlike many other shareware CDs all programs can be run straight off the CD, thanks to our CoreFS filer. On many other CDs you have to unzip/dearchive all the files first before you can run them from your harddrive.

The above drawfile illustrations were created by some
of the unique design software on the CD.

Below is a small taste of the applications on the CD.

Buy a BIG CD (fonts or clipart) and get all our other CDs together for just 5.
So you'll get the other Big CD, Mega Applications, Mega Fun & Games, Symphony Masterpieces, The Photo Album, Super Graphix CD, Super Audio CD, Super Demos CD and Super Movies CD. These nine CD's normally cost 55 but can be yours for just 5.

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