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21,000 clipart images with fast thumbnail viewer

This clipart CD contains 21,000 RISC OS vector clipart Drawfiles. That means it's all scalable and rotatable, which makes it ideal for printing; there are no nasty bitmap images hiding on this disc.

There is almost an endless supply of colourful and imaginative images on this disc, excellent for school use, and also lots of fun for home DTP work.

The clipart images are accessed using an easy to use thumbnail viewer. All the clips have been sorted into categories (see above), all you have to do is select a category and the viewer will offer you a vast range of clipart for that topic.

Don't forget to try out the free clipart.

Produced in 1999, this is our second clipart CD. Basically it's the original CD plus much more. We've added new sections, and thousands more pictures. All draw objects are now fully grouped into a single group (several school teachers suggested this improvement). This CD is much faster than the first version. Thumbnail filer can be cached on your harddisc, very quickly, enabling multiple users to browse the same CD at once.

May be used by schools without an extra site license.

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