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zip-version 1300Kb


packdir-version 2Mb

We have noticed from our website archives that some users download both of these files. Please don't, they are the same program and fonts, just offered in different compression formats to give you a choice.

Please note that this is really the demo version of the original font emporium, but there is no practical difference in the software so this version serves as a perfect demonstration. Please excuse the references to the old CD in the readme files with the demo.

What is PackDir?

PackDir 2.04 (4 April 1997), 85k, self-extracting archive

PackDir is an *extremely* fast file archiver. It can take a set of files and put them all together in a single archive file. It can also perform the reverse process, i.e. it can exactly recreate the original set of files from the archive file. To make archive files as small as possible, PackDir can perform lossless compression on file data, which reduces the archive's size typically to about 50% (or even much less, depending on the nature of the file data).

After downloading this file, set its filetype to 'Absolute' (&FF8) and *Run it. !PackDir will then be extracted to the current directory.

PackDir is Freeware.

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