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4,700 Typefaces, One Great CD!

A huge selection of outline fonts. These are standard fonts and will work well with all RISC OS applications. Featuring 4,700 individual fonts, supplied with interactive preview software, which splits the fonts into 20 handy reference groups for easy font selection.

How does the software work?
The screenshots show how easy and simple the 'selector' application is. You simply choose a font group. Then a window for that group appears, you can scroll down the list of fonts clicking on any fonts that you want to see a full preview for. After that you can 'drag and create' a new fonts folder, with just the fonts you want. Please try out the example download (see link above).

This CD was published in December 2000. We spent a considerable amount of time testing and converting the fonts. We're pretty sure you'll be very pleased with the result, we were. And I can promise that unlike some collections of converted fonts ours will never make your font manager crash.

Buy a BIG CD (fonts or clipart) and get all our other CDs together for just 5.
So you'll get the other Big CD, Mega Applications, Mega Fun & Games, Symphony Masterpieces, The Photo Album, Super Graphix CD, Super Audio CD, Super Demos CD and Super Movies CD. These nine CD's normally cost 55 but can be yours for just 5.

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